Intimate Backyard Wedding in Athens, Georgia

This intimate backyard wedding in Athens, Georgia is one that absolutely made our hearts smile. From a fake wedding in AP Calculus, to the real thing, Kiana and Tate are now married as one.

This was our first time ever being in the land of the Georgia Bulldogs, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last. Kiana and Tate, as well as their family, made such an amazing impression on us. When you feel like family the first time you enter someone’s house, you know it’s going to be a good trip.

Start of the Day

The day started off with us doing what we always do: finding dessert in a new city. We went to Jittery Joe’s Coffeehouse, grabbed an iced coffee and some pastries, then headed to Kiana’s parent’s house.

We arrived at their house and were greeted by Kiana and her family. From the time we walked in the door, we didn’t feel like “videographers”, but instead like we were visiting friends. We knew this wedding would be one to remember.

Meeting all of the family at this small, intimate wedding was easily one of the best parts of the day. From chatting with Kiana’s father about AirBnB’s and their new garden, to talking with her mom about Jesus as she offered to treat us to water and snacks, we felt right at home.

After the initial meeting with the family we captured the beautiful decorations. There were pictures hanging from the past 5 years of Kiana and Tate’s relationship. Seeing these pictures helped us get to know Kiana and Tate even more.

Their Love Story

Kiana’s and Tate’s love story was far from your run of the mill high school love story. Their AP Calculus teacher accidentally set them up. In a class room demonstration about super smart math wizardry, their teacher staged a “fake wedding”. Who would be the lucky couple to be the bride and groom? None other than Kiana and Tate. Although they were pretty much destined to be married after this event, Tate felt it necessary to ask Kiana to be his girlfriend first.

They had spent 5 years together up until this point. Much of those years involved long distance between 2 colleges, time in other countries, and many memories that made this day all the more exciting. Knowing this, we could feel the anticipation, and so could everyone else in this intimate backyard wedding.

Finally Married

Once Kiana and Tate did their time capsule message for one another, which was very emotional, it was time. All the practice they had in that AP Calculus class was finally coming to pass. Kiana’s dad officiated their wedding, and as he held back tears, he pronounced them married. After 5 long years, they were now husband and wife.

The night went on as their family danced the night away, ate delicious food, and fellowshipped with one another.. You could feel the love in the air between Kiana and Tate, as well as all the love and support from their family.

Kiana and Tate, thank you for allowing us to capture your beautiful wedding. Being able to capture this video for you all to enjoy for years to come was an absolute blessing. We are praying that you all have an amazing and long marriage.