So guys my first journal was meant to be published on February 1st. Its February 12th.

Im definitely not perfect haha.

I love memories. Doesn’t matter what it is - Just remembering I read this book during this time, or first heard that song during this month. Thats kind of why I wanted to write this journal. You guys can get to know me more, try out some of my favorite things, or this could just be me writing to myself haha. Either way, I wanted to do it!

Disclosure - i’m not a writer. Is that even what disclosures are for? See.

This is basically just my mind rambling on about my months. So with that said here is Januarys journal! (:


To start off here’s a cutie photo of me and my husband - Taken by the amazing Kendra Harper.

These were totally taken in December on our anniversary but how could I not include some? Just helps you guys visualize us from here on out haha.

So far I’ve gotten distracted like 3 times writing this by Instagram stories, Spotify, and books sitting around me. Send help.

My January started out with me and my husband finding out our word for the year -

If you guys don’t have one, I recommend it SO much next year, or just start late this year! We both thought and asked God what our word should be. Mine ended up being Calm and Dustys is Healing. The cool thing is, I thought my word was just for anxiety that has been bothering me, but oh how God is awesome. See I have a little problem with anger, anyone else with me? Well, lets just say that word calm isn’t just for worry/fear, its also for anger. Yep thats right. God gave me a word thats helping me not just in one area of life but two BIG things I needed help in. Pretty awesome in my opinion.


  1. Not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions.

  2. The absence of violent or confrontational activity within a place or group.

We also had some pretty cool “resolutions” but not really resolutions. I just wanted some guidelines for this year, like

  • Focus on Jesus. Thats most important for this year.

  • Allowing myself to be more creative, even if I fail and its total dung.

  • Spend less time on my phone because gosh phones get addictive sometimes

  • Start saving for our dream home (:

So far I’m still going strong with those resolutions. Some days I’m super lazy and on my phone a lot but I’m human, right?

Dustys birthday was this month and wow guys he really took advantage of it. He always said “birthdays just aren’t my thing, they’re not super important to me” but this year apparently that changed haha. He had a birthday week, basically. We ate some good pizza+dessert from Super Pie Bakery in Charleston one day, ate some more pizza that weekend, then went for some burgers that next weekend. Yeah, we’re foodies haha. Im including ratings from us at the bottom of this journal for everyone to go look at, maybe go try some of them soon! (:

We also made a big move in January from Mingo County to Charleston, WV! Charleston has always had an amazing place in my heart and we love living here. Currently looking for our dream house, if you know any send them our way! (:

One last thing I wanted to talk about was my favorites for the month of January! I don’t have any photos to include, but next month I’m definitely going to take photos of my February favorites and post them in my February journal! I’ve been wanting to expand my mind and just read, read, read, so one of my favorites has to include one of my favorite books of all time!

Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner

I couldn’t give enough credit to this amazing author and how amazing she writes! This book was so refreshing to read and truly I wish everyone would read it. 10/10 and I hardly EVER recommend a book so much. Some of my favorite quotes from the book -

Happiness = What you decide it to be, no more, no less.

We are not either/ors, We are both/ands.


(There is a link to the book on Amazon! Go check it out (: )

Stress Away Essential Oil

So in January I really dug into using my essential oils more, and Stress Away has just been so so good. I put about 15 drops in a roller bottle + Organic Almond Oil and guys. Smells like a vanilla dream, helps stress and I basically use it as a perfume. Can it get any better?

Spyro Reignited Trilogy - PS4

Okay when I was a kid, this game was literally one of my all time favorites. This is the remake, and I love it so much. Still playing it currently and on Year of the Dragon! Im a perfectionist on certain games and i’m forcing me and my husband to get 100% completion on every single one haha.

Thats probably the only favorites worth mentioning for January, but February I will definitely include more. If you guys even made it this far, you probably know me better than I know myself haha.

Food Ratings

Pizza Barborosa - Charleston WV - I gave it a 5, but I think I just wasn’t feeling pizza. Dusty gave it a 7.5

Sugar Pie Bakery - Charleston WV - Guys this place was good good good. 8 for me, 8.5 for Dusty. (The red velvet is AMAZING)

Johnnies Meat Market - Charleston,WV @ Capitol Market - Good burgers! 6 from me, Dusty gives a 7.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10