Dusty is the Jedi behind videography. Kind of like Twister Rodriguez capturing the perfect footage of Otto Rocket skateboarding with Tony Hawk at the Hawk's Nest on Rocket Power. That's him.

Ashley is the mastermind behind photography. Sort of like on Pokemon Snap when you have to capture the perfect picture of Charizard breathing fire on a hot meal so he doesn't go hungry. That's her.

Followers of Christ, Story Tellers, and Complete Nerds. 

Hey! It's Ashley + Dusty.

"Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." Mark 10:9

We love Jesus with everything in us, and He is the driving force behind everything we do. We hope we shine His love to you in every aspect of everything we do. Without Him, we are nothing. We know without a doubt that He is the reason we are able to be who we are, and that's why He is everything we are.

We met in high school. Well... not entirely. We only spoke a few words to each other in high school. One of the only interactions we can recall is Dusty asking Ashley why she got detention. It was followed with a brief, but agitated, reply of how her phone had been confiscated by a teacher. Once we were older, God led us beyond that brief conversation, and back together. We passed each other while driving on the road and the rest is history! Crazy, huh?

We are total and complete nerds! Haha. We have an entire bottom floor of our house dedicated to our many Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Marvel, and other gaming collectibles! Every Christmas for the past 6 years of our relationship we always go all out on collectibles and memorabilia we think each other will like! Is it an issue? Maybe... LOL. We feel this keeps us kids at heart, and really allows us to be able to express ourselves freely with each other. Isn't that what marriage is all about? Being true nerds with each other? Haha!

We believe life is way too short to not be joyful and definitely way too short to not be yourself. This is what we want to capture on your wedding day! You and your spouse... being you! We want to capture the story, the emotion, and all you are during your wedding!

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