Secret Elopement at Roan Mountain

Alex and Michael ran away from home, drove to the mountains of East Tennessee, and had a secret elopement on the top of Roan Mountain!

Alex + Michael

Alex and Michael had been together for a little while, and even had their wedding planned. There was only one problem… Alex and Michael wanted to be married way sooner than their wedding day! This lead them to a secret elopement on top of Roan Mountain!

Before the Elopement

We were greeted by Alex and Michael’s sweet parents as soon as we arrived at their Air BnB. Today there was only one goal: operation get Alex and Michael married! This is one thing we both love about elopements. They are so personal, quaint, and really just all around a great way to celebrate the love between a couple.

However, one thing that made this specific elopement more challenging for the video as opposed to the photos. This was the fact that we couldn’t capture the mother’s in the video shots! This, of course, is due to the fact that they wanted to reveal their secret marriage to their family at their already scheduled wedding.

As both Alex and Michael got ready for what they had spent so long planning, you could really feel the excitement to finally be married. As we talked with them more, we learned their heart for God, and their desire to be husband and wife. They did not want to wait any longer!

Elopement at Roan Mountain

After everyone was ready and the detail photos were captured, we all made our way to beautiful Roan Mountain and Carver’s Gap. This is a spot we both love and have been to multiple times, but love more every time we go.

Now, we were at the top with Michael in position. Everything was going amazing. While standing there, we did run into bit of a mishap. No one could find the rings or Alex’s vows! But that’s not all, we were also running out of daylight! Rather than taking the 15 minute trek back down the mountain, Alex and Michael decided to borrow our rings to use, and Alex would quote her vows from what she remembered. This just reminds us that marriage isn’t about specifics, but is about the God molding two hearts together to become one.

As Michael stared off into God’s beautiful creation, Alex made her way to come meet him. He then was overcome with emotion as he turned to see his almost wife walking down the makeshift aisle. They then exchanged vows, sharing not only how much they loved each other, but how much they loved Jesus and were thankful for Him in their lives.

As the sun set low behind the mountains, Alex and Michael could now seal their vows with a kiss! With the beautiful canvas God created behind them, their mothers watching excitedly, Alex and Michael were finally husband and wife! This is everything they had been waiting for. Married at long last.

Thank You

Alex and Michael, thank you so much for choosing us to enjoy this incredible day with you! We know how personal this was for you all, and we don’t take lightly that we were 2 of only 3 other people who witnessed you all be wed. It was truly amazing to see the love you all shared, as well as hearing your hearts for God, and how big He is in your lives. We are praying that you all have such an amazing marriage, and that you all will continue to be a power couple for Jesus!

Full Gallery

You can view the full photo gallery for this elopement by clicking here!

bride and groom standing with foreheads together on top of roan mountain in east tennessee
groom leading bride on top of mountain with beautiful mountain views in the background
bride and groom blurred in the foreground in a picture of beautiful roan mountain tennessee mountains