Lovely Couple Meets at Evergreen and Marries at Chateau Selah

Chateau Selah was the wedding location of choice for Kailyn and Chad, but this was far from where their love began. Years before this beautiful celebration of their love, they were on a journey of their own working at Evergreen Garden Center in Kingsport, Tennessee.

How They Met

Chad was fresh out of the military and looking for a job when he came home. Little did he know that this job where he would be working with plants would be where he would grow his love for his future bride. Kailyn, previously from the state of West Virginia, also never realized that her future husband would be a military man with a heart of gold.

A lot of good love stories just seem to fall right into place. There are multiple factors that can align for 2 hearts to fall in love with one another. Sometimes, though, these factors have to be pushed into place by what some would call “matchmakers”.

Kailyn and Chad worked together, sure, but it wasn’t until this matchmaker would lead them to pursue more than just a co-worker relationship. This lady would go behind the scenes and ask what one thought of the other, if they thought each other was cute, and overall would help draw their hearts together. Luckily, Chad took the hint and dropped a note in Kailyn’s locker asking to go on a date. When Kailyn said yes, this started their journey to happily ever after.

Wedding Day at Chateau Selah

It didn’t take long after their first date for Kailyn and Chad to know they loved each other enough to be married. After the proposal, the year 2020 decided that it was going to hold everything up for a while. After these events, they set their date, and were finally going to celebrate with their friends and family at Chateau Selah.

The days leading up to the wedding day the weather did not look good. Rain was expected, and since the ceremony was outdoors, everyone was very scared. The day of the wedding day, however, things changed drastically. The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect. On this day, the sun was shining, the temperature was in the 70’s, and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue. The past years of Kailyn and Chad’s wedding had come to this. This perfect day where they would finally be married.

Chateau Selah is nestled on a mountain in Blountville, Tennessee with a breathtaking overlook. The overlook is not the only beautiful part of this wedding venue, though. There is a stunning castle esque house seated right behind the ceremony location. This serves at the spot where both the bride and groom get ready in their tuxedos and wedding dresses.

As the ceremony approached, Kailyn and Chad told me their love story as we sat down for their video messages, expressed what they were most excited for during the day, and ultimately just anticipated the moment where they would be announced husband and wife. At the end of the day, they were just excited to finally be one.

Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony took place right in front of the castle as Kailyn and Chad’s family and friends shared this incredible moment. They said their vows, exchanged wedding rings, and ultimately sealed these with a kiss. The smiles on their faces were proof enough for how overjoyed these two were, as well as the smiles on all the face of the guests.

The night went on, everyone danced, ate delicious food, and just shared in the happiness that was the wedding of Kailyn and Chad. Many friends and families expressed their appreciation for this couple, and some even shared many good stories and advice through speeches. What started in a garden center had now bloomed into a beautiful marriage.

Thank You

Kailyn and Chad, we can’t thank you all enough for choosing us to capture your day. It was heartwarming to hear your love story and see how happy you two are together. Chad, we are very thankful for your service to this country and for sacrificing yourself in order for us to be free. We are praying for many years of your all’s happiness, and that your love continues to remain… Evergreen.

Vendor List

Venue | Chateau Selah

Florist | Blossom and Bloom

Bride’s Dress | Blue Willow Bridal

Cake | Petite Sweets

DJ | Starr Weddings

Coordinator | Taylor Rutherford

Bridesmaid Dresses | Azazie

Hair/Makeup | Nicole Dalton

Dessert | Nothing Bundt Cakes & Auntie Ruth’s

Photographer | Elizabeth Large Photography

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