Bride and Groom Get Married Overlooking Morgantown, West Virginia

Logan + Bo // Morgantown Wedding

Before the Kiss

This Morgantown wedding was spectacular! Logan and Bo had a gorgeous wedding that overlooked a beautiful cityscape. The best part? It was in the groom’s father’s front yard!

wedding ceremony morgantown west virginia

We first met Logan and Bo at their engagement session at Stonewall Jackson Resort State Park! It was a blast taking their engagement photos, getting to know them, and getting ourselves hyped alongside them for their upcoming wedding!

bride and groom standing looking into camera

When their wedding day finally arrived, we made the trip to Morgantown, and headed straight to Bo’s house turned wedding venue.

Driving to Bo’s father’s house, we topped the hill and were stunned with the beautiful property we were met with! Not only was the house immaculate, but the landscaping was incredible! I mean… there was a koi fish pond you guys!

house on wedding day

Trying not to get distracted by the awesome koi fish, we ventured into the house where Logan and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Dress hanging from the ceiling fan and pictures of Bo and his siblings hanging everywhere, anticipation filled the air.

After snapping some memories of details and Logan getting makeup on, we took her dress to the gorgeous treeline that edged the yard. These pictures turned out beautiful!

wedding dress hanging on pine tree
wedding dress hanging on a pine tree

Bo soon arrived. We met him and his groomsmen in the grass his dad kept up so well (seriously you all… this was like top of the line golf course grass) and had some laughs as we captured their pictures!

groomsmen laughing on wedding day

The Kiss

The time had come and this was it. Logan, along with some of the wedding party, boarded the RV to take the short trip to where she would walk down the aisle to her soon to be husband. Bo, of course, anticipated at the end of the aisle waiting to receive his bride.

Emotions exploded as Logan made the long awaited walk with her dad. She was crying, Bo was crying, Logan was crying, family and friends were crying, it was so beautiful. Times like this make us remember why doing what we do is so important. This is way more than just taking pictures of a beautiful day, it’s us capturing God making 2 hearts 1 in this moment.

bride crying walking down the aisle
groom cries seeing his bride for the first time

Of course the officiant started the ceremony by telling a few personal stories about knowing Logan and Bo. He mentioned how they had met at Young Life Camp, and how he questioned Logan’s decision to date someone who trapped possums, asked people at camp if they wanted to fight, and did bicycle kicks at volleyball matches. Without hesitation, Logan replied reassuring that she definitely wanted to date him.

Laughs were followed by some incredible scripture from God’s Word, and then, it was time. Bo could now kiss his bride!

bride and groom first kiss

The ceremony was great! Great food, lots of laughs and smiles, and love flowing from all of their family and friends. Perhaps the best part, though, was Logan and Bo’s first dance to “Angel” by Shaggy! Keeping our composure and being careful not to blurt every word, the night went on as we recorded the greatest nights of Logan and Bo’s lives for them to cherish forever.

bride and groom first dance

Logan and Bo..

Logan and Bo, you all have been amazing to work with! We have had a blast getting to know you all, traveling to Morgantown to encapsulate this moment for you all to have forever. Know that we don’t take that lightly, and we are extremely thankful that you all chose us to do that. We are praying for you all to have an amazing marriage! God bless you all!

Vendor List

Coordinator // Gina Slaughenhoup

Bridesmaid’s Dresses // Birdygrey