Alpaca Mountain Events / A Unique New Wedding Venue in Limestone, TN

Alpaca Mountain Events is by far one of the most unique wedding venues in all of East Tennessee! When a venue advertises alpacas as one of the main attractions, it definitely catches your attention!

This new rustic barn located in Limestone, Tennessee features all of the things that brides and grooms want on their wedding day. Beautiful ceremony area that overlooks the mountains, vehicles to take their guests to said ceremony spot, and HVAC in the reception area! Honestly, the HVAC is worth its weight in gold, haha!

Barn Overview

The first time we arrived at this venue, we were blown away by how homey it felt. Alpaca Mountain Events is tucked away in the beautiful hills of East Tennessee. The country diner that sits at the entrance is just a reminder of how comforting it is. As we parked, we could see the field where the Alpacas resided. However, not only were there Alpacas, but beautiful herding dogs that were just as part of the family as anyone else!

We then toured the barn that, while rustic, you could really make into anything you wanted it to be. Everything was clean, classy, and very well built! As people who really notices all of these things, this reception area really stuck out to us! The bottom floor was where the cocktail hour and bar would be located on a typical wedding day, while the 2nd floor is where guests will eat and dance!

Alpacas, Puppies, and First Kisses

Venturing outside, Sabrina, the Manager of this awesome venue, showed us around to what we had been waiting for. It was time to see the Alpacas! While herding dogs Max and Zeus tried to steal the show, and almost did, we managed to find our alpacas! Splash, the Blue Ribbon winning show alpaca, really showed off. Splash is definitely not your typical alpaca. He can stand on his back legs, wear flower crowns, and even walk down the aisle on a leash with the bride if she so pleases!

Making our way to the ceremony spot, it was as gorgeous as we had imagined. An amazing array of wooden benches, a beautiful platform where the bride and groom would share their first kiss, and the most beautiful view of Tennessee mountains you can imagine rested here.


All around, Alpaca Mountain Events was a stunning venue. If the beautiful Alpacas and herding dogs aren’t enough, the friendly staff and charming atmosphere will be! If you are a bride or groom looking for a venue to share the most memorable day of your life at, look no further than Alpaca Mountain Events!

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